"One thing I learned very quickly: It's not the most talented individual who make it. It's not the ones with the biggest dreams. And surprisingly enough, it's not even the ones who have the most money to spend it's the ones who put in the work".


Q: Let's start with the story. We love to hear how started and how the journey has been so far.


A: It all started in Amityville Long Island N.Y where me and my brothers and sister were sent to separate foster homes due to the fact that the social services did not feel that our parents were doing a good job parenting all their 11 children.


The family that I was sent to was a Christian family that attended church at least twice a week. After attending church for about 6 months I decided to Join the youth choir and that’s where I began to learn how to lead and work together with the other choir members. Years later I moved to Binghamton N.Y where I continued my love for music by spinning records for popular clubs in the area and where I earned the name Dr. Love for my love of spinning slow romantic songs.

In the late 90’s I move to Cambridge Mass, still having the love in my heart for music and helping people I decided to start ” Talent Unlimited” Talent Unlimited was established to assist the many people looking to get into the entertainment industry but did not know how to get started. I worked diligently with dancers models, and artist of all genre and took much pride in knowing that I was helping others pursue their dreams.


An artist by the name Of Zay, Zay Aquino a member of the group “Pequot Posies” named after the Pequot apartments in Salem, Mass was one of the first artists who joined “Talent unlimited” and I take pride even today in the fact that he went on to find a career as the host of the popular Latin television show mun2 and a popular reporter at Cine Movie TV ( Hollywood Entertainment News ). Other local Boston talent that I went on to manage Michelle Hunter A/K/A Rap Artist “Honey Bee” and Artist Bryce Christopher A/K/A The Magnificent Prince”.


After years of working with and managing Talent Unlimited clientele I decided to concentrate on Real Estate and would no longer field calls regarding entertainment management, In fact, my exact words were that I don’t want to hear those two words entertainment management unless it’s managing my immediate family. Not to long after making that statement my niece and nephews Nadia, Avery, and Michael Cole went on to finish as the top five finalist on season 4 popular reality TV show “America’s Got Talent” and shortly after I received a call from their parents my brother Michael Cole Sr. mentioning that he and his wife Felicia Cole were interested in me managing the kids now known as Voices Of Glory.

I once again found myself managing however, this time I am managing one of the countries most sort  after Pop, Gospel / Inspirational Group.


I have since been able to be a liaison between God and their parents on guiding the amazing group Voices Of Glory to global recognition and on the path to greatness. I must say that when I received the call from my brother to manage the kids I knew that this was definitely a divine assignment from God.


I was able to successfully arrange many opportunities for Voices of Glory including a book study with Boston University Film / Screenwriting Graduate program for a study on Voices of Glory award-winning book ” Higher Than Me” The Story Of Voices Of Glory a study that discussed how the family’s amazing story could be turned into a big screen film. I am also currently involved in all phases of a major project that’s shopping to bring VOG’s story to tv / the big screen.


During My Journey, I was able to meet many celebrities and contacts that helped me to arranged performances at major arena’s, stadium, theaters, TV networks, colleges, churches, military base, and artist interviews with a variety of national and local newspapers and magazines. This type of on hands experience is priceless and can truly help others.


I love sharing my vast knowledge of experience in the entertainment business with the local talent as well as others around the globe. Although I would not be acting as a manager, booking agent or a publicist I certainly have the resources to point the artist in the right direction. Today I continue to manage Voices of Glory and I've been blessed to work with many award-winning songwriters, label and arena’s contacts especially with my friend and mentor Qadree El-Amin of Southpaw entertainment. Qadree El-Amin former manager was the manager of Michael Jackson, Boyz ll Men, Vanessa Williams and many more popular performers.


Q: Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?


A: My biggest struggle was living in Branson, Missouri for 5 years without my family who did not want to move to the Midwest, I had to travel back and forth from Branson to Boston on a regular basis. I had moved to Branson ” The Live Music Show Capital Of The World” because right after appearing on America’s Got Talent the children where offered a show at one of the theaters however once we arrived there the family learned that the whole show thing was a fraud, however, we knew that God wanted us there and we endured the struggles as well as embraced the love from Branson’s entertainers businesses, tourist and residents.


As a family we decided to stay and now “Ayo” starring Voices Of Glory became one of the biggest show in Branson, in fact, Voices of glory received the 2017 Terry Award & The Branson Show Awards for ” Best Vocal Group in Branson. The group spent 2018 performing at the iconic " Andy Williams Theatre and traveling on tour with the amazing Jimmy Osmond.


Q: Gerard – what should we know? What do you do best? What sets you apart from the competition?


A: I am an experienced industry professional who works with the tools you already have in place, to advise and suggest new ideas while continuing to improve and maintain growth and structure to ones music career/project.


What separates me from other talent consultant is my personal touch, dedication and the vast amount of knowledge that I am able to share.

It makes me the proudest when I think about the smiles I was able to put on the performer’s faces over the years, along with the fact that I have met some great friends along my journey and that I'm able to pick up the phone and speak with major players and well-known celebrities in the industry.

Once again I will not be acting as a manager, but strictly as a consultant


Q: What is “success” or “successful” for you?

A: When the entertainers apply the knowledge and direction I've given to them and it moves them forward and closer to reaching their dream that's when I am very pleased. I am always looking to see how much driven and how hard someone is willing to work to achieve their dream. I always say work harder than your most successful artist, have fun and enjoy the journey


As a talent consultant theirs it's very humbling working with talented individuals on an every day basis. But there was one thing I learned very quickly: It's not the most talented individual who make it, It's not the ones with the biggest dreams, surprisingly enough, it's not even the ones who have the most money to spend it's soley the ones who put in the work!